My goal in counseling is to provide a safe environment to discuss some of life's most painful issues without fear of judgment. I believe that the most important indicator of change is the counseling relationship.  Because of this I strive to form a trusting relationship with every client, and view the counseling relationship as one of partners in the healing process.  

I also believe that our relationship with God is a critical aspect of how we define ourselves.  I provide Christian Counseling for those interested.

Because every situation is unique, I use various types of therapy to assist in process of healing and restoration.
Individual Counseling
Many of my adult clients come seeking Individual counseling.  Depression, anxiety, trauma, negative self-concept, or addiction issues are examples of some of the issues treated in individual counseling sessions.  In many situations, I find that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can be a very useful tool for dealing with these types of issues.

Child/Teen Counseling
I see children as young as three years old, and teens of all ages.  I started out working with children, and the majority of my practice is working with children and teens.  I find that these different age groups have their own unique issues, and it's critical that they feel that their opinion counts.  Counseling with children and teens typically involves the parents or entire family at some point.

Couples Counseling
As we leave our families and start a new life with someone, many new challenges present themselves.  Learning to understand and communicate with our partner is critical to the success of any relationship.  I do Pre-Marital and marital counseling for those couples who find that their relationships aren't running as smoothly as they used to.  All too often, we see counseling as a "last option" after we've tried everything else.  As with a car, regular maintenance at the first sign of trouble is much less stressful (and less expensive) than waiting until the engine blows up and you're left stranded and alone.

Family Counseling
Much like couples counseling, family counseling can be helpful in restoring family relationships.  I believe that a critical part of the way we see ourselves is in relationship to others.  What affects them, affects us.  When we change, they are forced to change.  Individual, child/teen, and marital counseling can be beneficial because as we become more healthy, our interactions with others become more healthy.  This can bring about change to entire family, but can also feel like walking against the wind since most problems are bigger than just one person.  Working with all members of a family to help bring about change ensures that each person's individual perspective is acknowledged and respected.