Confidentiality is a key component of any counseling session, and yet it can sometimes be complex.  To help, I've included the following information.  If you have any additional questions about how your information will be handled during and after counseling, please feel free to contact me.

Key Points
In general, whatever is talked about with your counselor stays between the two of you.  There are a few exceptions (see below) in which for the safety of you or someone else, it is required to share certain, but not all, information.

While I do accept text messages and email communication, I tend to prefer direct contact or discussions via phone.  It is critically important that you are aware that due to the electronic nature of these communications, and because they are handled by a 3rd party, it is impossible for me to guarantee their confidentiality.

The following text is taken from the Confidentiality Statement that must be signed before counseling can begin.

Your patient records are the property of Aaron Airozo, MFT and shall be treated as confidential.  To comply with state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality, your records will not be released without properly executed written consent.  Everything about your care will be held in strictest confidence (with the exception of those situations which we are required by law to report).  If you choose to have a third party informed of your progress in counseling, it will be necessary to complete a “Release of Information Form” that will be kept on file.

The following circumstances are an exception to keeping confidentiality and are required by law to report:

    A.      When a client communicates threat of bodily injury to self another person or is suicidal.

    B.     When there is reasonable suspicion of abuse to a child, elder, or dependent adult which has occurred or will             occur.

    C.      When information is ordered by a court.

Aaron Airozo, MFT regularly consults with a team of licensed therapists.  Therefore, he reserves the right to consult and discuss pertinent information within this context.  If your case is discussed, no personal information will be used that might identify you to the other therapists.

It is important to remember that electronic communication such as e-mail, text messages, faxes and cell phone calls are not secure.  Please keep this in mind if you choose to communicate with Aaron using these methods.  If you have any questions about confidentiality, please discuss them with him at any time.